©2019 by Transistor Trio


Transistor Trio is an exciting new spin-off of the

AM Radio Tribute Band. 

Be prepared for a ride in the way back machine,

as we play all of your favorite tunes ~ featuring intricate 3-part vocal harmonies, rendered acoustically. Bringing you back to a place and time.


Music can bring us right back to a time and place we can remember with clarity. What were you doing then?

What song was playing? Do you remember becoming absorbed in songs you believed help better define you?

And there’s always that one song that never gets old. But even as the importance of the memory itself  fades,

the emotional afterglow tagged to the music lingers.

Transistor Trio prides themselves on a beautiful, versatile sound and broad fanbase.

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Steve Bernstein        Su Teears         Kevin Burk